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  • I feel honored and very excited to be a photographer for your wedding. Each couple is absolutely unique, that lets me capture an inimitable style of your emotions and feelings expression. I love to listen to your stories, learn about the nature of your relationship, and to provide a tailor-made photography experience for you. I am based in Prague but available to photograph weddings worldwide. - Raifa Slota, Prague Wedding Photographer
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  • “All my photographs are portraits—self-portraits, because you can’t photograph someone without reflecting/echoing, like a bat sending out a signal that comes back to you. You get not only a picture of who you’re photographing, but you get a picture of yourself at the same time.” - Bruce Davidson, photographer
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  • Children make amazing subjects, they are pure and very natural in their expressions. Their shining beauty illuminates any image. My challenge is to capture the intrinsic spontaneity of kids, the sincerity of first emotions and courage of first-ever world explorations.