Frequently Asked Questions – Prague photo-session

What if the weather is bad that day?

The weather isn’t always predictable. If it’s not so great that day, we can swap days and reschedule it for another day that works for both of us.

However, if it’s a wedding photoshoot – we can’t swap the day – it’s your wedding day, after all. With the tricks of an umbrella and lighting, we can still create many nice effects, play with reflections, get some nice textures and get ourselves the perfect shots.

When is the best time during the day for a Prague photoshoot?

The best times fall into two categories: sunrise and sunset.

At sunrise, we can beat the crowds and get an isolated shot that shows off the historic streets of Prague, all in a gentle light. After sunset is also a perfect time, with the lighting from the golden hour, your photos can have a special charm.

Does my outfit matter for our photoshoot?

Definitely! What I can recommend is to wear something comfortable that matches your personality. What do you feel good in? What shows off your personality? For ladies, wearing something that flows (a dress or a skirt) can bring a lot of dynamics into the photo, as well with wearing soft colors and avoiding ones that are too bright, strong or acid-like. Pastel colors are usually the best – and if you wear any accessories (hat, scarf, etc), be sure that it compliments your outfit.

For men, simple is better. If you’re coming as a couple, matching both of your outfit colors can go a long way to enhance each image. Keep in mind the location, photo concepts and the overall feeling you want to convey – and then choose your outfit accordingly.

What I don’t recommend is wearing clashing patterns, especially plaid and checkered patterns. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly. After a few years of photographing, I can give you my personal opinion and advice to enhance your shots as best I can.

To get some ideas on what to wear, check out this LINK

What if I arrive to the photoshoot later than expected?

I understand that there are circumstances we can’t control, but let’s please respect each other’s time. It’s important for us to meet at the agreed time to be able to take the proper amount of photos. Unfortunately, our photoshoot in Prague will not be extended if you are late. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress by running late and starting your photoshoot off on the wrong foot.

How many locations in Prague will we visit during our photoshoot?

For a 1 hour photoshoot: 1–2 locations
For a 2 hour photoshoot: 3 locations
For a 3 hour photoshoot: 4 locations
For a 4 hour photoshoot: 4–5 locations

How will the images be delivered?

The images will be delivered differently based on the length of your photoshoot. Raw files are never included.

For a 1–3 hour photoshoot, I’ll send you the edited photos via internet.
For a 4+ hour photoshoot, I’ll personally mail you a USB with the edited photos to your mailing address + an additional 14 physical prints.

What advice can you give me before the photoshoot?

If we have an early morning photoshoot in Prague scheduled, please sleep early and get a lot of rest. Your fresh look will thank you for it in the morning! Also, try not to drink too much liquid the night before.

Have everything prepared and arranged with your make-up artist the day before to decrease your chances of running late the next morning. To save time, have your face completely cleaned and natural (without make-up), your hair pre-washed and already dried before meeting with the make-up artist. Please be ready and make sure you have everything you need so that we can leave on time when I arrive (props, extra clothes, etc).

Ladies, if you’ll be wearing high-heels, please bring an extra pair of comfy shoes! Prague is known for its historic cobblestoned streets. Walking in heels can oftentimes be difficult and painful – so let’s keep you comfortable and use the heels for the right shots.

Don’t hesitate to bring your own props to your photoshoot! They’ll add a splash of personality and variety to your photos – it could be your favorite ukulele, traditional chinese sign, flowers, balloons, etc.

What if I don’t have experience being in a photoshoot before?

I understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, and I will do my best to make you feel at ease. The only thing I can ask is for you to be natural as yourself, and to be open and ready to improvise. In order to get the look you want, please try to prepare yourself to do your part to achieve those looks, and I will do my best to capture you in beautiful Prague. Take the time to go through my portfolio and pick out poses you like – and be sure that my style is consistent to what you’re looking for in your shots.

What are your suggested photoshoot locations in Prague with nice views?

After living in Prague for 10 years, I’ve collected a colorful variety of beautiful spots to share with you on our photoshoot. Depending on what you like and want, I can offer you areas that are both well-known as well as ones that are lesser-known – yet completely and genuinely breathtaking. Through email, we’ll discuss it together and pick out the best ones for you.

How can I book a photoshoot and reserve a day?

Everything is simple – all I need from you is a 30% deposit to hold your specific day and time, as well with filling out this registration form HERE.

If the photoshoot is cancelled within 2 weeks of the scheduled day, no refund will be given (excluding PayPal fees). If you cancel it anytime before, a full refund (excluding PayPal fees) will be returned back to you.